KARNAKIS & KARNAKIS offers legal services in the Republic of Panama and in Greece, to both national and international clients, offering legal counsel in all areas of law, highly emphasized in maritime and commercial law.

The Firm

The law firm KARNAKIS & KARNAKIS was founded in 2006 by Sofia nos Karnakis, with the experience acquired by being in Greece, dealing with International clients in the Maritime and Commercial fields, and by Konstantino Karnakis with knowledge and understanding of other area of Law. They decide to form KARNAKIS & KARNAKIS with a forward looking approach of providing their clients with a first level service.

Areas of Professional Experience

Maritime Law

Since 1982, Panama acquired jurisdiction over actions arising out of maritime disputes occurring within the territory and over vessels carrying the Panamanian flag.


We offered a consultant's office in relation to the legislation of migratory status in our country and, at the same time, we oriented to our clients to the type of visa or permission to which it could apply according to it's necessities in individual.

Ship Registration and Finance

Panama’s Ship Registry has positioned itself for most of the last decade as the world’s leading Merchant Marine.


To apply to Adoptions must fulfill the following requirements established by Articule 297 A of the Family Code.


The Republic of Panama is signatory of multiple International treaties that regulate the subject of Marks and Industrial and Intellectual Property, making to Panama a fort in which to Protection of Marks it talks about.

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