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The law firm KARNAKIS & KARNAKIS was founded in 2006 by Sofia nos Karnakis, with the experience acquired by being in Greece, dealing with International clients in the Maritime and Commercial fields, and by Konstantino Karnakis with knowledge and understanding of other area of Law. They decide to form KARNAKIS & KARNAKIS with a forward looking approach of providing their clients with a first level service.

Our main interest is the legal study from a Commercial and Maritime standpoint, solving all possible doubts our clients might have. Our philosophy is to offer a rapid and efficient service for the satisfaction of our clients.

We have International and Local clients, to which we feel satisfied and proud to provide our legal services.

The purpose of these pages below is to merely present our philosophy of solving the needs of our clients, our profiles and experience in different areas of Law. We hope that by reading these pages you find them pleasing and interesting, and we expect to have you in a near future among our select group of clients.

Sofianos Karnakis y Konstantino Karnakis

Senior Partners

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